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How to change WordPress non-SEO to SEO permalink

How to change WordPress non-SEO to SEO permalink? The answer is simply easy, but before we go to the instructions steps it’s better to uncover the reasons why do we need to bother ourselves substituting from non-SEO to SEO permalink for our WordPress blog.

When we first installing our WordPress blog, WordPress set this kind of permalink by default; http://www.our, it’s called Plain type permalink and it contents the post identity number without keywords.

With that kind permalink, the keywords on the post titles are not included and not being shown, as the result Google is not told with more information about our page is all about.

It’s true that post titles is the biggest aspect Google uses to recognize our posts and then the keywords inside the post’s contents under the titles, permalink factor is probably the third aspect to helps Google in recognizing the posts we published.

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So on this post I would like to share the knowledge I have learned in order to optimize my blog by setting it permalink to be SEO qualified permalink.

How To Change WordPress Non-SEO To SEO Permalink

In SEO realm.

If you want your post to be optimized and perform as you expect it will, then  you are recommended to change from Plain type of permalink to be SEO. And WordPress has provided several options for us, the CMS gives us Day and Name, Month and Name, Numeric, Post Name.

Most of us who are expecting our post to be search engine optimized will go to Post Name, or filling our own type of permalink on the Custom Structure option provided by WordPress.

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In this blog I set Post Name as the permalink, so you will find our permalink like this structure;

To do so, simpy go to Settings -> Permalinks.

How To Change WordPress Non-SEO To SEO Permalink

On the Permalinks page, just choose the Post Name to be your permalink.

Change WP Non SEO Permalink To Be SEO Permalink

Playing with custom permalink structure.

You are also able to play with that option to set which permalink best for your need, but in my opinion Post Name is the best because it creates less duplicate contents and more simple.

To play with the custom permalink structure, you can simply place the structure of your choice, let’s say you want to have a permalink like this; then you can simply add the following structure to it.


SEO WordPress Custom Permalink Structure

There are many customization you can choose for your WordPress blog and WordPress team has set a dedicated page to discuss about this topic very deep for you to learn.

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Anyway that’s it, my recommendation for you is to make sure you change WordPress non-SEO to SEO permalink after your blog is fully installed, so you can expect a better performance on Google result page and hopefully you will get what you always want.

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